Since we were small children we have loved to cook -

it is our passion!


When we married we opened a restaurant called 'Agrilla' (wild olive tree)

in Thanasis's home village of Siki.  It was a meeting place for

local people, friends and family and we

brought to the table everything we know about healthy

 traditional Pilion cooking


We met some English people who encouraged us to come to

Sussex to cook our recipes

.... and so here we are and we love our new life in Heathfield ...

thank you for being so kind and welcoming    


We will always remember how this adventure began

many moons ago in a small village on a green mountain

watching the sun set over the sea and wondering...




Phone (01435) 86 33 76


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The Old Station

Station Approach


TN21 0AA


Tuesday - Saturday

Breakfast   9:30am - 12 noon

Lunch   12 noon - 4pm

Dinner   6:30pm - 10pm


Lunch   11am - 5pm


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