Products from Pilio
Olive Oil
Organic Pilio Extra Virgin Olive Oil (500ml) - £8.00
Cloudy Organic Pilio Extra Virgin Olive Oil* (500ml) - £10.00
Small Jar Pilio Olives - £6.00
Pilio Olive Paste - £6.00
Traditional Pepper Sauces - £6.00
Loukoumi "Greek Delight" - £4.00
Sweet Preserves
Pergamon - £4.00
Cherries - £4.00
Figs - £4.00
Grapes - £4.00
Fresh Mountin Teas - £4.00
*Unique first cold press oil which is only lightly filtered so retains all the goodness and flavour of the olives
Wines at Pilio
(Dry, White)
Long exotic aftertaste of cirtus and red grapefruit.
Very refreshing wine. (Katalagari & Kastelos, Heraklion)
(Dry, White)
Shining pale yellow-green colour, with a pine & white fruit aroma,
pleasant and fruity finish. (Heraklion)
(Dry, White)
Full and balanced on the palate, with intense
armoas of citrus fruit. (Houdesti & Ag. Vasilos, Heraklion)
"Cabernet Sauvignon-Merlot"
(Dry, Rosé)
Firey pink & orange colour containing a taste of forest
fruits such as plum and blackberry. (Arkadi & Apostoli, Heraklion)
(Dry, Red)
Discreet armoas of spices and dry fruits, balanced with
hints of tobacco and vanilla from the oak barrels. (Houdetsi, Kalloni)
"Black Rock"
Dark ruby colour, has a taste of red fruits and spices. Full and soft wine.
(Houdetsi & Skalani, Heraklion)
Also be sure to try our new Greek EPSA drinks!
A great soft drink company from Volos, delicious drinks
in retro-style bottles and cans.
From fizzy orangeade to sweet peach tea.
The flavours we stock are:
Cola / Lemonade / Orangeade / Tonic / Soda
Lemon Soda / Sour Cherry / Blood Orange / Peach Tea / Lemon Tea
 Rooibos Tea / Organic Lemonade / Organic Orangeade
In Greek mythology Pilion was the home of the Centaurs and the
mountain where Achilles trained. Here the olive trees are traditionally
rested to bear fruit every other year producing beautifully flavoured olives and wonderfully healthy extra virgin olive oil with a vibrant colour 
Exclusively supplied to our bistro by our good friends Athanasios and Illias
brothers who were born in the village of Siki on the South Eastern coast of Mount Pilion
and who live there today, still tending their family olive fields with care and love
to produce the finest quality olives and olive oil





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